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Becoming a Fan of the Ceiling Fan.

How to Make A Functional Lighting Choice, Shine.

With central air and decorative lighting options, what has become of the ceiling fan that once offered function in our homes? It would seem obsolete in most homes, especially new construction and remodels. However, when I began seeking out lighting for the property we are renovating, I found myself drawn to the modern and decorative upgrades of the ceiling fan, even selecting some as our lighting choices.   
Ceiling fans have come a long way in their design and technical functionality. The bulky, noisy, hanging knobs of the past are now sleek & contemporary with clean lines and finishes, easily operated from a remote.  When I began to browse lighting choices, I knew ceiling fans might be necessary. The comfort and practicality of the ceiling fan over the appearance of elaborate chandeliers and lighting accents, left me feeling like I was giving in to the safest option. But, when I began the search…the options proved me so wrong!

A clean, streamlined fixture is always my best option regardless of the style of home! It gives you room to change the look without having to change the lighting.  When you begin shopping for your ceiling fan fixtures there are many things to consider. Big & bold?  Subtle & blends easily? Lights or no lights?  Finishes?  

First, consider your room height. If you have cathedral or pitched ceilings, this definitely may be an opportunity for you to go with the big and bold.  It doesn’t mean your finishes need to be loud…a clean white or black fan allows the other decor in the room to be the focus. If you are a person who desires the comforts of the ceiling fan (or like myself has a husband who insists on one)…then a white streamlined ceiling fan mounted to a white ceiling can make both of you happy.  While he enjoys the nice breeze of the fan…I can still be happy with the design as it blends nicely and almost goes unnoticed.  
Next, is this a necessary fixture for providing light to the room. Lights or no lights?  I say opt for the lights. Today's ceiling fans are so clean and contemporary that they are hardly noticeable in the fixtures.  If your room desires overhead lighting, you may as well get more from your ceiling fan!
As for style and finish, base this decision on your design preferences. From modern to traditional, there are many options that fuse finishes of different kinds and can be interpreted by simply encompassing the room in accents and décor that downplay or highlight the fan. ~ Angelica

New Construction Buying and Building

What's to Love and What's to Reconsider

Walking into a brand new property can certainly appeal to a potential homebuyer. The smell of new carpet - appliances that have yet to be christened - shiny woods with zero imperfections and new everything! However, the charm and character of an existing home that bears the style of the early 50s in fun and interesting build-ins can appeal to the right buyer as well. Each has it's noted appeal and each has it's downfalls.

Consider that when buying a brand new home you will be able to customize each wall, each cabinet, and every inch of space to your liking. The home will certainly bear your personal taste and even better, you don't have to do the work to get it there. The new build option allows you to follow the trends of today rather than update the trends of the 70s (shag carpet and brown linoleum, YIKES)! New properties will require little to no maintenance for several years, saving money on repairs and taking advantage of the cutting edge efficiency of today's HVAC.

Some things to consider in buying new... you may experience a 20% price increase per square footage depending on your builder, quality of materials, and location. It may not look like the model - unless you are willing to pay for the upgrades. You might be first to move in your neighborhood finding yourself far away from schools, grocery stores, and living in a construction zone. For the handy homeowner, you might find yourself out of home improvement projects for quite some time. If this is something you enjoy, you won't find it in a new home.

While there are some reservations to consider in building and buying new, it seems that many people prefer the peace of mind of a move-in-ready, never-touched, built-to-order home to an existing home. The ability to have patience in the process and visualize a future neighborhood certainly helps the buyer!

What would motivate you to buy New Construction over an Existing Home?


new construction, park hill

Why You Should Buy in 2017

3 Reasons...

Home ownership is not slowing down as buyers are taking advantage of incredible interest rates and sellers are enjoying a market with a slim inventory and the increasing value of real estate. Moving into an unpredictable year of policy changes and fiscal overhauls, interest rates may see a rise. Home ownership may become increasingly challenging as the homes are selling fast and at high market values! If you are looking to buy, start looking before it becomes urgent!

Three Tips for Buyers:

1. Get Pre-Approved. The ways of the mortgage world have shifted over the last decade and what used to be a Fast and Easy loan is now a Slow and Arduous. If you are not coming to the table with 20% down, excellent credit, and stated income, it may require creativity, clean-up, and in some cases government loan programs. Make sure you are going into the buying process with a solid stance on how much you can spend on a property.

2. Get a Buyer's Agent: Having an agent on the buyer's side generally incurs no cost to the buyer. That solid representation can provide access to properties before they hit the market. Having a knowledgeable person to guide you through the process of making an offer, getting a home inspection, and making it to the closing table is highly recommended.

3. Get Your Priorities Set: Unless you are building a custom home, the chances that you will hit every mark on your list of "needs" is pretty slim. Prioritize the top 5 features you want in a home. You should be able to reach a specific selection of properties that can be viewed in one afternoon. If you are set on five bedrooms and an open floor plan, you may have to compromise on the main floor laundry. Know what you are needing in your home so your agent can direct you to the properties that most closely fit the bill. While you are looking at the wrong properties, the right one might have just gone under contract.

The buying process is fun and exciting. Hopefully these tips will help make the process easy and pin point the perfect home, for your life, for right now.


The Top Three Factors that Sell Your Home.

The Rest is Details.

Listing a home can be overwhelming if you are given the wrong advice. You do not need to do a 20K overhaul of the kitchen or a complete gut of the bathroom, though those things will help make your home look nice, they may not give the return you had hoped. Fresh paint, a deep cleaning, and removing clutter will do wonders for the look and feel of your house. The costs are minimal, especially if you do the work on your own.

What really sells a house? I'll admit some of it is subject to the right time and the right place, but the top three factors in getting a listing sold or at least greatly increasing the chances that it sells in 90 days, are these. Know your buyer, know your market, and know your agent.

1. Effective Marketing that targets Specific Buyers.

A run of the mill ad in a publication will not guarantee your house sells. The maximum exposure of your house is great, but not if the buyer isn't looking there. An effective mix of advertising resources is a strong asset to a realtor and office. Social media, print advertising, word of mouth, open houses, and direct mail advertising can be targeted to age demographics and reach the right buyer for your home.

2. Properly Pricing the Home.

Whether too high, or too low, how you price your home speaks to the buyer. Pricing a property too high expecting that a buyer will always come in under the asking price, may send a message to buyers to move on, and they will immediately dismiss your home. It is better to have an accurate market value in which a buyer knows you have priced it well and they can hope to negotiate with a reasonable seller. Pricing a property too low can make a potential buyer wonder "what is wrong" with the home. Thus deterring them from looking at the property. Price is the first impression for the buyer. More than a number, it tells a lot about a home and a seller.

3. Availability of your Agent.

If you can't get a call back from your agent, you can expect that potential buyers are having the same problem. Work with an agent that wants to work to get your house sold. It's a two way street and your agent should have as much concern in selling your home, as you do! Patience is required in the process, but communication between you and your agent should be frequent and genuine.

The Top Three Factors that Sell Your Home.

The Office - the Look - the Feel - the People!

Getting Settled.

It's been a little over a month since we opened the doors of Black Hills Realty, the transition was relatively smooth, and we can definitely affirm that it feels right for the company and the agents. The office was inspired by the look and layout of the area in which we live and the design was achieved by way of local craftsmen and retailers.

Among the favorite elements are the desk in TJ's office and the image that hangs behind it. A combination of wood, metal, glass, and rock materials brought the office to life. The feel of the office is that of a nice retreat from the busy life of a realtor. A peaceful ambience is reflected in the colors and layout.

A smaller office, our staff is at capacity in the single digits, which gives a focused environment and a team dynamic is easily achieved. The phrase used to describe our business style is found on our homepage .. "Buying and Selling Real Estate, Simplified." We wish to make the process, simple, the experience, pleasant, and the relationships, lasting!

Excited to see the full vision of this company take form over the next few months!

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