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Big Love Grows In Small Houses

Why Small Homes are Trending.

After renting a 2500 square foot loft in downtown Rapid City, I was glad to return to the residential life. My husband and myself being looking for a home, and being self-employed found ourselves limited by our pre-approval. The days of Fast and Easy home loans as long as you could produce a 680 credit score or higher were gone. We found ourselves faced with buying a much smaller home than anticipated at just under 1,000 square feet, three bedrooms, one bathroom. We were eager to buy and get out of the rental market, so we found a nice property that could meet our needs and gave it a makeover. At first it was difficult to find space for all the things we wished to take with us, but ultimately it came down to stripping down our belongings in half, and then again, in half. If we didn't use it or need it, it couldn't stay. And there began a healthier relationship with our things, and better relationships with each other. Here is what we have come to love about owning a small home.

1. The Payment! Our mortgage is significantly less than the rent we have been paying for the past 8 years. While I have to downsize my closet and keep things put away and organized because you cannot escape a mess in another area of the house... the payment is easy on our budget, the interest rate exceptional, and that feels amazing!

2. My Time Back! I can clean my entire house top to bottom in one hour. There is less time spent on maintaining a huge yard, cleaning three bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, ect. This means more time to relax, spend time together, and focus on the good parts of life. I no longer harbor the anxiety of cleaning three levels and never finding the time to really complete the "to do" list.

3. Less Stuff! When I think back to moving out of my loft apartment I remember the overwhelming task of packing and moving 2500 square feet worth of stuff. In some ways, I felt trapped. Trapped by the time I didn't have to handle the move. Trapped by the things that I would need to find a place for. Trapped by all the stress of cleaning and clearing out a place that had accumulated years of unnecessary and unused crap! There was no choice but to purge and while the attachments to things I might need or that might have value was holding me back, I surrendered to the process and cleared out 75% of my belongings.

4. Easy Renovations! When we decided to replace our cabinets and upgrade our bathroom, we were able to pick the stuff we wanted, of the highest quality. In a smaller home, you are able to add unique and high quality upgrades while keeping the costs low. It was eye opening as I once spent years trying to slowly upgrade bathrooms and replacing carpet that was medium grade for a multi-level house.

5. Family Time! What I have really noticed in our time in our tiny house is that we spend more time together. And while I sometimes wish I could send the boys to a basement for some peace and quiet, for the most part it helps us be in communication with each other. I want my boys to share a room. Sharing a bathroom has it's challenges but teaches consideration and efficiency!

In many ways, life is downsized and time is maximized. Having a small house in a very busy part of my life, has kept my stress levels in check and given me time to relax.


M Hill - The history of the hill in the middle of the city.

Right in our Backyard!

M Hill sits right behind our office and as the weather improves we will certainly see the outdoor enthusiasts making their way out of hibernation. The area features a park, several hiking trails, and plenty of landscape for mountain bikers and rock climbers. Founders Park is located at the base and is becoming a popular hub for businesses and residences given the beautiful scenery that surrounds the area while not leaving the convenience of the city. Looking forward to some summer time strolls!

A little history on the area:

"Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park (HLMP) aka “M Hill” or Cowboy Hill” is an amazing park right in the middle of Rapid City, South Dakota.  This 300 acre park was a gift from area rancher Eddie Larsen, when she died she wanted the park built in the honor of her parents Ed Larsen and Etta Hanson-Larsen.  That means no public money is used to support the park – that is truly a gift for the people of the Black Hills."

Source http://www.howtoenjoytheblackhills.com/2011/05/19/m-hill/

M Hill - The history of the hill in the middle of the city.
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