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The Top Three Factors that Sell Your Home.

The Rest is Details.

Listing a home can be overwhelming if you are given the wrong advice. You do not need to do a 20K overhaul of the kitchen or a complete gut of the bathroom, though those things will help make your home look nice, they may not give the return you had hoped. Fresh paint, a deep cleaning, and removing clutter will do wonders for the look and feel of your house. The costs are minimal, especially if you do the work on your own.

What really sells a house? I'll admit some of it is subject to the right time and the right place, but the top three factors in getting a listing sold or at least greatly increasing the chances that it sells in 90 days, are these. Know your buyer, know your market, and know your agent.

1. Effective Marketing that targets Specific Buyers.

A run of the mill ad in a publication will not guarantee your house sells. The maximum exposure of your house is great, but not if the buyer isn't looking there. An effective mix of advertising resources is a strong asset to a realtor and office. Social media, print advertising, word of mouth, open houses, and direct mail advertising can be targeted to age demographics and reach the right buyer for your home.

2. Properly Pricing the Home.

Whether too high, or too low, how you price your home speaks to the buyer. Pricing a property too high expecting that a buyer will always come in under the asking price, may send a message to buyers to move on, and they will immediately dismiss your home. It is better to have an accurate market value in which a buyer knows you have priced it well and they can hope to negotiate with a reasonable seller. Pricing a property too low can make a potential buyer wonder "what is wrong" with the home. Thus deterring them from looking at the property. Price is the first impression for the buyer. More than a number, it tells a lot about a home and a seller.

3. Availability of your Agent.

If you can't get a call back from your agent, you can expect that potential buyers are having the same problem. Work with an agent that wants to work to get your house sold. It's a two way street and your agent should have as much concern in selling your home, as you do! Patience is required in the process, but communication between you and your agent should be frequent and genuine.

The Top Three Factors that Sell Your Home.
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