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Located in The Black Hills, the name of our business reflects our pride of the area in which we live. Real Estate in the Black Hills covers a broad spectrum of interests. For investors, there is a lively downtown as well as several areas in all four corners experiencing growth and commerce.

For home buyers, the area provides a competitive market of both new build and pre-existing homes. For home owners, the uniqueness of the area provides a niche market for many sellers and home values are solid. Combining twenty years of expertise in the local market, our team wishes to provide a simple and streamlined buying or selling experience, every time!


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Exploring the Black Hills


The Black Hills of South Dakota offer a variety of scenic and historic attractions, that you don't want to miss!

Our "Lifestyles" Blog will get you started...

Discover why you will want to make Rapid City your home.

Open Houses

Black Hills of South Dakota

Let Black Hills Realty be the guide to finding your new home.

Our Open House series is the perfect way to see new properties!

Real Estate

Things to Know

The Real Estate market can be challenging for anyone.

Let the professionsals at Black Hills Realty answer your questions.

Residential Properties

Buying a Home

Not sure where to start in buying or selling your home?

Our Residential Blog will show you how to navigate the process.

Business Properties

Commercial Property

Black Hills Realty has the experience and knowledge to help you buy or sell your commercial property.

Here are some tips to get you started...


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